The Benefits of Working for Yourself as a PSW or Caregiver


The Benefits of Working for Yourself as a PSW or Caregiver

In today’s Canada, there is a shortage of PSW workers and caregivers. With those who were and are baby boomers that number will only increase over the next number of years. It is a great time to be a PSW or a caregiver and there are many benefits to working for yourself instead of at a facility or for any agency.

The Benefits of Working for Yourself as a PSW or a Caregiver

  1. You choose the families you will work for.  Caregiving is a partnership with an individual family. You interview each other to see if you are a match. No more assignments, no more long-term residents.  You know who you will be going too and you have chosen them just as they have chosen you.  Where do you find these families? Enrol as a caregiver on the Caremap™ app by downloading the app from the App Store or by registering at
  2. You choose your hours. You know what hours will work best for you. Being self-employed you can determine your availability. If you are not available on weekends you simply choose not to work or to schedule clients on those
  3. Earn More. Since you work directly with a family you negotiate your wages. As there is no agency in the middle you can earn more. The average PSW who works for themselves earns $5 more per hour over agency rates.
  4. The tax benefits. As a self-employed caregiver, there are many tax write-offs, from your uniform to gasoline, to your cell phone bill. If you manage your  business from your home,  you can also deduct a percentage of the house’s expenses. All of these tax write-offs means less tax to pay. Ask your accountant to confirm the deductions you can benefit from.
  5. You are doing what you love. Caregiving is a calling for many and instead of getting burned out you are doing what you love for those you have chosen to interact with! There is a great benefit for having control over your client list.

This is just a short list of some of the benefits of working for yourself as a caregiver or PSW. What are some of the other benefits you can think of?

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