Free Downloadable Poster Using Icons and Phonetics to Communicate

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Free Downloadable Poster Using Icons and Phonetics to Communicate

After a 12 month stay in Long-term Care fighting Alzheimers. With tons of yellow stickies all over the wall, I created the above poster. To help  improve the communication between a Resident who does not speak English and Staff.

What is it?

A poster that translates a foreign language into English. To help facilitate and improve communication. By using icons and phonetic English to translate 30 nouns and actions.

How does it work?

Download the poster. Customize a few fields. Go to your local printer and print the poster on a large 30 x 36 paper.  Then tape it above a friends or family members bed.

Why did we create the Poster?

After battling Alzheimers my Mother reverted to her mother tongue of Greek. Voula, my mother lost use of her English and French. Alzheimers made communication difficult. Lack of communication led to frustration. Which in turn manifested into confusion. The long term care home asked me to translate words and post them on the wall. That suggestion and one year later. The poster was developed. We hope they help your family and friends.

The posters are available in the following languages. Click on the version you need and download:


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