June 15: Start The Conversation on Elder Abuse

June 15: Start The Conversation on Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse Ontario and uCarenet are encouraging individuals and organizations across the province to TAKE ACTION: by Starting the Conversation during World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

WEAAD is recognized annually on June 15 as an official United Nations International Day acknowledging the significance of elder abuse as a public health and human rights issue.


What is the Origin of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day?

In Madrid in April 2002, countries throughout the world adopted the United Nations International Plan of Action on Ageing. The Plan of Action recognized the importance of addressing and preventing abuse and neglect of older adults. It identified that mistreatment of older adults was a violation of internationally recognized human rights.

What are Canadians Doing?

This special day is a time to share information, learn more, discuss the issue of abuse of older adults, and become involved. Canada has been recognized internationally as a leader in raising public awareness of abuse of older adults and in developing innovative and respectful approaches to dealing with the issue. Canada’s Federal/Provincial/Territorial (F/P/T) Working Group on Safety & Security for Seniors has produced public information materials (e.g. poster, fact sheets, and promotional items) in support of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. The Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse, as well as provincial, regional and local networks are holding many special activities in recognition of the day. Many Canadians are using June 15th as an opportunity to recognize local and regional efforts that are being made to raise awareness of abuse of older adults.

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