Four Types of Technology Every Senior Can Use

Four Types of Technology Every Senior Can Use

We are no longer simply learning how to use the microwave or play a cd,  in today’s world everyone must know the latest technology and be able to use it. There are many devices today so what are the must haves for seniors today? What devices should your ageing family members have? What could help them and those that care for them? There are many devices that can help.

4  Types of Technology Every Senior Can Use


Cell phones are quite senior friendly. You can program them to show larger buttons and with voice recognition and speed dialling, they are easy to use. They definitely help everyone stay in contact even while out of the house. They definitely provide safety value as well for those who may be directionally challenged for whatever reason with built-in GPS and map functions.

Tablet or iPad

Seniors love games and those games promote brain fitness. They can also use features like FaceTime to stay in touch with family members around the globe. Seniors can also view photos, watch videos, learn a new hobby with these lightweight devices that they can have with them anywhere from at home or even if in a facility.  There are now even apps that help caregivers and seniors monitor their health which ensures essential communication is taken care of.


From simple wearbles like a Fitbit to wearable alarms there many that help track a senior’s health. There are some that can track steps, heart rate, blood pressure and in the case of alarms they can also see that help gets to a loved one.

Home Assistive Devices

From Alexa and Google Home to devices that control and monitor the safety of the hone there are many devices and tools that help seniors stay at home safely.  Devices like stove shut off systems, enhanced phone dialers. lighting systems make life easier to manage for the seniors of today.

What kind of technology does the senior in your home use? What kinds of technology are making the life of the senior or caregiver in your life easier? Let us know in the comments or on our social channels.

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