Caregiver Tips for a Great Holiday Season

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Caregiver Tips for a Great Holiday Season


It is the holiday season. In this season of merriment, there can much stress for those of us who are caregivers.  Often there are a variety of events, planning, shopping and more that tear for our attention. We also then have to remember at the forefront of it all we are caregivers. Caring and the holidays often come with challenges that can lead to feelings of frustration, disappointment, defeat and even depression.

With so many things tearing for your attention caregivers must have a plan for the holiday season so they not only survive but thrive so what are some tips for caregivers to beat the holiday season? How can you have a good time, care for the one who needs it and have a happy holiday season?

Caregiver Tips for a Great Holiday Season


Ensure you are including those you care for. Sometimes as physical abilities change there may be issues to overcome but you can find ways to include them from a well-planned shopping trip to a drive to enjoy the lights of the season, to writing cards or other important events.


In a season where there are many activities and obligations, one can often feel torn in many directions. To combat caregiver fatigue, keep self-care at the top of your must-do list. You will find you can care best when you are at your best.

Have a Plan

Careful planning helps the holidays be a true time of joy. Be realistic. Make a list and focus on what is important for you and those you care for. You may need to plan and adjust meals, plan for travel. By having a plan you can also anticipate any hot buttons.  There are often many factors that make a successful holiday celebration, by planning and focusing on what is really important you can be prepared and enjoy the festivities.

Start New Traditions

Often what our loved ones are capable of doing changes, if we focus on past abilities and festivities we don’t enjoy the present.  You can start a few traditions. Instead of attending a concert you might watch one on tv together instead. Can’t travel, you can share the opening of presents even via video.

Ask for Help

Time is precious and sometimes at the holidays’ things can seem and be overwhelming. The holidays are the best time to actually reach out and ask for help if needed. From hiring a companion caregiver so you can get a few errands done to having someone in to help clean or even decorate. You can ask family members to help and there are always community organizations that you can turn to as well.

Remember there may be been changes over the years but there is no reason for you and those you care not to have a great holiday season.





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