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How A Caregiver Can Help a Senior With Depression

There are so many ways we can help those we care for battle depression. First, know the signs: Disengagement Not eating or eating more than before Feeling tired for no reason Not answering the phone or the door Seems confused Has trouble remembering things Can’t concentrate Sleeps poorly [...]

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The Uber(ization) of In-Home Health Care – by TARA LOSINSKI | ZOOMER Magazine JUNE 17TH, 2018

Caremap is a newly launched app for in-home care that, like Uber, connects users directly with service providers. And the lack of a middleman is one of the model’s most important distinctions, says founder and CEO Nectarios Charitakis. “The whole [...]

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A marketplace for seniors: collaboration with CABHI helps Ontario-based uCarenet move to trial phase

Like many innovations, uCarenet’s solution was born out of a personal problem. Ontario-raised entrepreneur Nectari Charitakis was working abroad, but found himself constantly returning home to address issues related to his aging parents’ care. These were everyday problems such [...]

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8 Tips to Help Determine if Someone with Alzheimer’s can be Left at Home

Here are eight tips to help you determine if someone with Alzheimer’s can be left alone. Why? Because people with Alzheimer’s disease become increasingly unable to take care of themselves. As a caregiver, you face the ongoing challenge of [...]