Caregiving Tips from the uCarenet Community

Caregiving Tips from the uCarenet Community

Recently we had our September #uCarenetChat on Twitter and were so glad that Ron could join us as our special guest. For the hour we spoke about caregiving tips and tricks and our wonderful uCarenet community chimed in. If you ever want to join our monthly chats look for the #uCarenetChat hashtag on Twitter.

During the hour we had a lively conversation about caregiving from the start of the journey and what resources we had to caregiving tips and tricks

Caregiving Tips

  • When it came to our experiences as we started the caregiving journey many of us worried about the lack of knowledge we had, the knowing something was wrong and being able to get the help needed. We all acknowledged the health care system is hard to navigate at times. We all need tips, tools and strategies to make the journey better.
  • One of the things we acknowledged was the need for support. If you are just starting your caregiving journey get support. Seek it out. Seek support from family and friends and there are professional organizations in each community that can help Ron shared this tweet: Q3 It’s important to not do this by yourself. My suggestion is to not be superman or wonderwoman. SPREAD THE STRESS TO INCREASE CAREGIVSUCCESS – bottom line, find support systems and other people to join in the journey – don’t be shy asking #ucarenetchat— RB33 (@rb33canada) September 14, 2018
  • When talking about being an advocate for our loved ones Anna Dalzell shared this:  A4 You need to be an advocate for your loved one. If you think it’s not right, follow your gut. Be strong. Make your decisions with love. Take a break if you need it #uCarenetChat— 🇨🇦 Anna Dalzell 🇨🇦 (@akdalzell) September 14, 2018
  • When it came to self-care for caregivers, AmieLove shared this: A6 You have to ask for self-care take breaks , talk to someone , even just to vent , it all helps #uCarenetchat #WorldAlzheimersMonth— ✩AmieLove✩ (@Amielove7) September 14, 2018
  • When it came to self-care  Ron shared: A6 I SPREAD THE STRESS and actually had Remote Carers living in other parts of Canada and US helping our remotely over Skype and other remote tools. THat was one of my strategies. My mom can nap and aunt in Cali was spending time w/ dad in video chat or over a meal #UcarenetChat— RB33 (@rb33canada) September 14, 2018
  • When we spoke about how to keep our loved ones calm amidst  of change Amanda M shared this: A9 communicate, accept, stay positive #ucarenetchat #WorldAlzheimersMonth
    — Amanda M (@amandamasters5) September 14, 2018
  • Need a way to improve communication with care giver and those needing care check out the Language Guides that our CEO, Nectarios Charitakis shared during the chat.
  • Ron shared this tip about using improv to help with communication: A8 – I always share with #dementia #caregivers the strategy of IMPROV – Basid rule is to always say: YES AND _____ We all need to acknowledge first in conversation. YES AND ___ w/ body language supporting acceptance is a simple and powerful strategy. #UcarenetChat— RB33 (@rb33canada) September 14, 2018

Need more caregiving tips please check out our Pinterest boards.  We curate and share some great tips there as well.

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